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​     In Georgia, there are several grounds for divorce, including irreconcilable differences, which is Georgia's no-fault ground.  But before any of these grounds can be brought, at least one of the parties must have been a resident of Georgia for more than 6 months prior to instituting the action for divorce.  For fault grounds, it is normally necessary to have some outside proof in addition to the testimony of the suing party.

    Even in the most uncontested divorce, feelings can be hurt, and it is a difficult time for both spouses, and especially for their children.  Younger children don't understand why their parents are upset, but they understand that something is wrong.  Older children know that their parents are splitting up, and they sometimes blame themselves.  Even in marriages with no children, lifetime plans have changed.  There will no longer be one household and two incomes.  Plans that were made together are now abandoned and will have to be reimagined alone or with a new partner.

   For contested divorces, and custody cases between parents, or between parents and grandparents, things are much worse.  Nerves are on the very edge and if there are children involved, they know that they're at the very center of it.  Even the best person is unable to hide his or her disappointment in the other party.  Things cannot be fixed, and they cannot be amicably solved.  You don't agree on what's fair and you don't agree on what's best for the children.  There's going to be a fight, and you need someone on YOUR side, who will be there for YOU.  And you need someone who will help calm things down, not make things worse.

   I have been helping people with their divorces, custody cases and child support cases since 1998.  I am very hands-on and will personally handle all aspects of your case, from meeting with you, to drafting your documents and advising you of what to do if any emergencies occur on weekends or holidays.  You can COUNT ON ME and you can LEAN ON ME.  Let me be there for YOU.

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​     Being charged with a crime is a frightening and uncomfortable situation that can have lasting effects on your life.  From the moment of your arrest, you find yourself questioning what will happen to you.  Will you remain in jail until a trial?  Will you ultimately have to stay in jail for a number of months, or even years?  If convicted, will you be able to find employment, and will your friends and family stand by you?

​     I have handled hundreds of criminal cases, most in Georgia and a few in South Carolina.  I understand the process, and I know your frustrations and fear of the system.  I will help you understand what to expect, and will attempt to negotiate with the prosecutor to keep you out of court.  If I am unable to resolve your case without a trial, I will vigorously represent you before a jury of your peers.

       I have also represented dozens of probationers forced into revocation hearings for technical violations or for new charges.  While these cases can be difficult, I have had success getting clients back into the probation program with no jail time.  Let me help you with your probation revocation.  Don't go it alone! 


​     You've been in an accident, and it wasn't your fault.  Or you fell, because someone neglected to keep their business safe for customers.  You're hurt, and the insurance company is rushing you to settle and go away, or worse, they're completely ignoring you. 

      The insurance company is not your friend, and time is not on your side.  Don't waste time trying to deal with the insurance company by yourself.  You need help, and you need it quickly!

      I have successfully settled hundreds of personal injury cases, and I have filed suit on those that would not settle without a fight.  Let me help you get the best result possible for your injury claim.       


         Let me help you with your simple Will.  Special discount for reciprocal Wills.

      If you have a contract dispute, are being evicted or need to evict a tenant, or if youhave a dispute that needs to go to small claims court, don't go it alone.  Call me and let me help you get results.